Viking glass and baluster balustrade and Edgetec Infinity balustrade on front deck2

Juralco Balustrades' Evolution - Keeping Up With NZ Regulations

25 February 2019 by Joanna Wellwood


Deck barriers have evolved beyond the timber handrails of old, with increasing performance requirements in the NZ Buidling Code there is a move to the more dependable, lower maintenance materials as aluminium, stainless steel and glass.  These materials also provide versatility around style with an unlimited colour palette, along with innovation in glass such as sandblasting, tinting or screen printed that can be incorporated into the design. 

Juralco’s Viking aluminium post system was introduced in the early 2000’s, leading the way in the balustrade evolution and continuing to exceed people’s expectations and requirements.  Originally introduced with just a baluster rail infill, it was quickly joined by toughened glass panel options which didn’t take long to become a customer favourite.

Juralco Viking Glass and Aluminium Stair and Deck Balustrade

For this Viking balustrade installation the client embraced a range of materials for different areas and ultimately achieved a stunning looking barrier, that is practical and good looking.

Glass balustrade was fitted on the top deck, with clever use of frosted glass on the areas that the customer felt they were most exposed to prying eyes.  The panel at the end of the deck return nearest the main door uses a clear glass panel so the lakeside view is kept clear.  Being a holiday home the main stairs were embraced as a feature and colour added by the baluster railing finish.  Wooden balusters were never an option with this holiday home, because of the higher maintenance demands including regular painting and touch-ups.

Of course Viking has had additional enhancements over these years with the introduction of Waterproof and Floating Deck Fixings, special connectors for direct fixing onto concrete posts and a Handrails for balustrades to cover even more situations.  This is alongside price decreases for the toughened glass as it the demand for glass increases, which has naturally made it a more viable option for customers, to the point where it is virtually the same cost per sq m2 as a baluster infill finish. As always, the entire Viking system continues to be engineered and tested to fulfil (and often exceed) NZ building code requirements.  

Being fabricated from aluminium means it can be easily powder coated in customers preferred colour of choice, usually to match the homes joinery.  Aluminium meets the durability requirements of the NZ Building Code and additionally the powder coated finish is done in our NZ factory, using Dulux products with a minimum 10 year surface coating warranty.

Viking balustrade continues to be a well-loved handrail and balustrade option, keeping up the building regualtions and modern enhancements, whilst still being for a cost effective and good looking barrier for decks and balconies.

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