Main street residential housing showing Edge balustrade canopy and louvre screesn

Balustrades for High-Density Residential Housing

9 May 2017 by Joanna Wellwood


High-density residential building is becoming the norm in NZ cities due to large population increases and housing shortages.  With this change in residential housing, designs must take into account the residents’ lifestyle requirements within much a smaller footprint.   

This development features well thought out plans for residents, including an open lawn area that homes face onto, forming a “town square” for recreational use. Designers have also included decks on two levels of the multilevel homes, either on the front or back of the home to increase the sense of space. 

An attractive, consistent finish for the whole development was accomplished with the clever use of the Edge balustrade system for a range of uses - baluster and glass balustrades/handrails, louvre privacy screens and an entranceway canopy.  Finished styles of the Edge balustrade were carefully planned across the whole site, with a mixture of aluminium baluster and toughened glass infills used for the split rail balustrading on both the decks and front entranceway stairs.

Privacy screens are vital for outdoor spaces in high-density housing and the Edge balustrade system was able to accommodate this as well.  Screens are fitted with modern 120mm wide vertical louvres, which let the light in but form a solid looking wall from inside the deck.  Strategically placed on those decks adjacent to neighbouring decks, screens were finished in a powder coat colour matching the deck balustrade for a consistent look.

Finishes for the exterior detailing were also carefully planned using a palette of modern powder coat colours - Titania, Electric Cow, Appliance White and Mid Grey for a cohesive and really interesting overall look.  

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